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About us


SHOGOLD was established with the idea of bringing together the art of design, the great ability and artistic talent of our arts and craftsmen, the knowledge of experts in precious metals and gems and the passion to reach excellence.
SHOGOLD is now proud to display a surprising exhibition of the finest quality in jewels and of the world's modern tendencies. Our collections are designed to satisfy any budget, our goal is to offer competitive prices and that our clients receive the best possible attention. Our client's satisfaction is our main priority. All orders are kept confidential and secure, whether your order is made by phone or over the Internet. At SHOGOLD we feel fortunate to use our passion and abilities as artists and designers to bring beauty and happiness to many collectors’ lives. As artists at SHOGOLD our wish is for you to feel the same joy when wearing our designs as we enjoyed creating them.

Shoshana Fiebig, born Goldsztayn